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Announcement: October Event

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:02 pm
by Nate
I am pleased to finally announce the details of the October event, and open up booking. There will be more detail coming with in game information, but this event will be a no ticket cap, linear heavy event, but with a notable bent towards the Fae and their recent endeavours.

Due to the short gap between now and the event (sorry about that, life has been somewhat hectic...) the early booking deadline for a discounted ticket will be Sunday 30th September, and the event will cost the same as a normal weekend event (£45 for a full adult weekend, less if you are unable to make parts of the game), however season tickets do not apply to this game, so you will need to purchase a ticket. Paying on the gate is absolutely fine also as there is no player cap, this will cost £55 as usual for a full weekend event, again with reductions if you can only make part of the event.

Timing wise, this will be run exactly as a regular weekend on an OOC level, there will be more information closer to the time but assume arrivals from 4pm without prior notice, time out at 3pm sunday, etc.

Linear submissions are subject to the same timeframe, which means please have any ideas submitted by midnight 27th September. If you email after this it will be read, but be prepared for disappointment due to the time frames involved.

Any questions, please either post here, on the facebook post, or email for more complicated queries, and I will endeavour to get back to you asap.