The Hunting Grounds

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The Hunting Grounds

Post by StephenReynolds » Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:22 pm

Scale reeled with the shock of being deposited by the teleportation. Aki's body still lying inert on the ground next to him.

He sat for a while waiting, he couldn't say how long or what for but he waited. The sun rose and set though it meant little here as time passed differently in the Hunting Grounds to that in the real world. Real world...Given the amount of times Scale had travelled through time, visited different planes in the last week alone he wasn't entirely sure what was real anymore.

The game that usually ran during the day retreated to its burrows, dens and holes for the night and the twilight creatures began to peer out and begin their hunt anew once more. In the distance Scale saw a fire light up and his destination was decided. He felt physically stronger just for being here and stood. Heaving Aki's body into his arms he carried him towards the fire. During the walk twilight became night and finally as the fire began to die down and the faint glimmer of the sun was once again on the horizon Scale arrived.

The Huntsman and his party of satyrs seemed to have finished their nights merriment and had begun to re-string bows, coat their armour in oil, sharpen their flint knives in preparation for unending hunt upon the suns rise. Scale carried Aki's body to the fireside and laid it down. He knelt brushing the hair to one side so that the dying embers of the fire cast light on Aki's face.

"His soul was corrupted and taken by another. But his body still belongs to you."

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