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In Service

Post by Nate » Wed Aug 07, 2013 10:31 am

*Gregor left the palace, satisfied but not exactly pleased. As usual now, where he walked people stared and whispered, but none would approach or speak to him. Tiresome, but understandable, given what he'd been involved with. What he'd done. Still, he wasn't used to it, and it rankled.

Gregor arrived at the Order's hold, and smiled faintly. He wasn't the only object of curiosity, there were a few people milling about, staring at two very uncomfortable looking sentries. Gregor smiled and greeted them, both responded with nods in return, and Gregor stepped in. The yard seemed quite full, obviously curiosity about the Order and their actions had led to an influx of recruits. A single sweep of the yard told him that over half would leave within a week, and half of those left would be weeded out. But those left would be ideal, the Order had taken losses, both of members and of friends...

No. Not now. Too much on. Gregor singled out a page, and summoned him over.*

Son, can you find Isa... er, Ser Isaac, and let him know that Father Gregor wishes to speak with him briefly as soon as he can. I'll be in my quarters for at least an hour or two, I've got quite a lot of work to catch up on. And yes, I will be doing another sermon at the usual time and place, if anyone gets the guts to ask the sentries. Every day, for the foreseeable future. I have a lot of teaching to do still. God be with you.

*Gregor heads into the Chapterhouse, deep in thought.*
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