Afacia City November 2015 Plot Drop

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Afacia City November 2015 Plot Drop

Post by Esme » Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:27 pm

Legend speaks of an abandoned mine on the outskirts of Afacia City, once the property of a long forgotten noble household. Some say that as the year draws to an end, if you listen carefully you can hear the sound of hammer upon stone and you may catch a glimpse of a shadowy figure patrolling what once was the entrance to the mine.

No one can remember who the mine belonged to but there are rumours of a magical device that once protected the mine and its contents.

The mine was attached to a fortified manor house but nothing remains of this now, just a few scattered stones here and there that give no clue as to who lived there all those years ago.

As the mists of Autumn roll in around Afacia City, there is much discussion about legends of a nameless household and the mine. With the return of Arkane, the people wonder if this house will return to its former glory. Although, amongst the more suspicious, there is a feeling that the awakening of a god and the rebirth of the ritual circles will in turn awaken what had long since been dead and buried.......
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