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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:34 pm
by StephenReynolds
Scale considered his response to Fallons question. There were lots of friends around but he chose his words carefully and with tact.

'I chose to come back to help. Your people suffer, their leader suffers. I can help so I am here to offer it to you. I can't cure your people, that seems to be your burden to bear but I can help ease their pain and yours.'

Scale let Fallon address Le'Sar and busied himself opening his bags until he heard her say her final word. 'Do not apologise. Your people need you, we all understand. Each of us has faced similar trials in the past albeit in different forms. We are here for your people now as you have been for us. You walked with my Pack a while, you are still bound by my protection and as such so are your people.'

Scale moved to a table and began to move spare bedding off it and underneath. He put his bag out and began to pull some herbs out of it that he, Trash and Eldunari had found. He continued to talk whilst pulling items from his bag. His back to the others. 'I have ideas for pain relief but will need to speak to the Alchemists about setting up a lab elsewhere. What I have with me is purely to combat symptoms but it will not be powerful enough to do more than dull some of the agony. I will send word to Avery and Nolan as leaders of the guild and I may need Le'Sars help with a semi-magical vapour I am considering similar to the one to fight the spider infection when we were in Darkwood.'

Eldunari appeared up the stairs and spoke to Scale, he could see the elf had already started to turn red, probably becuase of the humidity and knew he must look similar. 'At the moment we will concentrate on pain relief, start crushing these.' Scale hands him the herbs he found on their journey. 'Unless you know a better way to prepare them?'

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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 1:06 pm
by mickeyin
So many people, all ill...

"Have you by any chance tried charging the illness with magic? If it is a magical disease perhaps it will affect it, but I don't say try it on a person lest it speed up the process...would this have anything to do with your God? I know you can change forms...maybe this is a new form..."

He would wince back a little when Scale started talking aboout 'Her People'. He didn't have a people, he was only him but these were his comrades and he could try his best regardless of skill.

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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 2:25 pm
by Hamsterbag
The tone was more official, less friendly than she previously considered. The face of professionalism. It was slowly she nodded, brow rising as she spied the herbs and considered the prospect of pain relief. She remembered Darkwood, and the vapour, and the mad rush in to help those in need. She never quite got over her dislike for spiders after that. She collected up her notes to create more space, carefully piling them with the samples as she addressed Le'Sar's thoughts.

"Sil is Change. There is a chance it is related to him. Though changing forms? None of the Silurian people, including myself, until now were known to have any shapechanging abilities. Lycanthropy or otherwise. Which leads me to the thought that maybe it is something less disease orientated but more dormant and waking up within our bloodlines," She hummed, "I have not thought of considering the idea of charging it with magic, nor never knew it was possible," she quickly noted the thought down, "There are a few, small samples about. Mother Metis took some earlier and ran some tests on them, though I don't think they include magic. How much do you need in regards to samples to test this? I can see about gathering some."

"As for ideas to cure this..."
she shrugged, "I have had a thought. But I need to do tests first and gather information. Samples. Anyone fancy acquiring the details and blood of a non-Silurian human for me? No? I might go rattle some Skalds to think over old Silurian myths, see if they can garner some insight." She broke down into muttering as she looked back to her notes, "Fire. Fire. Fire."

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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 3:59 pm
by jwhitehurst7
Eldunarí took the herbs that Scale had handed him. "Crushing these should be fine, the Blood-leaf will work best internally so I'll grind it into a paste." Eldunarí found a pestle and mortar on a near by table and began preparing the herbs for treatment.

"Winter to Summer, Death to Life so the cycle turns... In Elm's name we are blessed, In Elm's name we are blessed, In Elm's name we are blessed...." he spoke softly, a plea or a prayer to his father to see him through this ordeal.

Elm help us all he thought.

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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:01 pm
by StephenReynolds
'There was one.' Scale's voice rose. 'Not to contradict you Fallon but Dirus, who died to create this world, was one of Sils Chosen. He had full control.' Scale turned round and looked away from the table at Fallon. 'I am not sure what, if anything, we know of him may help in this situation.'

He walked over to her and tried to put on a more sympathetic face. 'Pain relief is what I can offer and someone to bounce ideas off at this stage. I am good at healing but stitching up wounds is not something that will help here. My other professions as an Alchemist and apothecary will be most valuable to you now. Tell me where you need me and I will do as you ask.' He smiles at her, aware that now was not the best of times for their talk. There might be time for that later, he hoped, before it was too late. He put those thoughts aside, now was not the time.

'In the short term I can work on a cooling vapour? A modified version of the spider antidote using the same principles. It will make the air in here wet but may help cool people down.'

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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 6:09 pm
by mickeyin
"To test? I'm not sure, small amounts would be good but something larger might be needed just incase. I'm not sure what I'm looking for but if we have any mages akin to different magics it might be useful. I am of Earth but Fire and Water might prove better here. I may not have many skills but I will use what I can."

He would listen in to what Fallon and Scale were talking about though, his own thoughts plaguing him.

"Truth be told...I don't have a god or anyone I really call to since my connection was severed. I call to The Quartet though, the 4 that gave us this world, has anyone thought to beseech them? They were the original gods in this world after all. Just a small thought is all."

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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 6:57 pm
by Smileygoth
Metis looks at the herbs passed between Scale and the elf. "In my land, we would just chew them," she says, sounding slightly irritated.

She picks up the vials holding the scales, in their various states, one at a time and peers at the contents.

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Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:40 pm
by Hamsterbag
"Well, yes. There was Dirus," she felt the bitter taste form in her mouth, "I'm more thinking of the present however. The now. Those who are alive." With a crease of her brow she attempted to remember what she knew, "I remember, once, Dirus saying he was able to control it because he never allowed himself to transform fully. To change completely meant he would loose himself. If we apply a similar line of logic..." She looked to Scale then in return, ears twitching as she heard the grinding and preparation of herbs, "Then, maybe, a way to halt the changes is what's needed. But that then goes back to the issue of there not being any one influenced in such a way or being Sil's chosen among the Silurians." She gave a shrug, "I know there was those of the World's Dream who could change, but unless any of their kin are showing similar symptoms despite an origin point of influence... Well. I suppose that crosses out a possibility, yet means we'll have to look for another means to achieve things."

The thought drifted away and turned to the words of the High Mage, "I am a fire mage Le'Sar. A poor one, but one never the less. If you cannot find someone more skilled I will attempt. And beech them? How? As one would talk to the dead as a priest? Or through more ritual and symbolic means?" Another scratch of the quill upon the page, "Don't get me wrong, I am just unsure on how to approach such a prospect."

And in honesty, calling them gods made her feel somewhat uncomfortable. Individuals who gave themselves to create a new world. Those who sacrificed themselves to ensure the future of others. A brave few to save the many. All yes. Gods in their own right? No. They were mortal like the rest of them in the end.

"The Nomadic will probably take to just chewing herbs if that makes it easier. The Settled... may be a bit more fussy," she nodded to the herbs as they were being prepared.

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Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:39 am
by StephenReynolds
'There is still one from the Worlds Dream who walks among us and mastered their ability to change. This though is something very different. They learnt to control their ability to shift between two distinct forms. There was no other half stage in this case I am afraid.' Scale attempted to look sympathetic. He didn't think there would be any connection between those of the Worlds Dream and what was happening here. Afterall those of the Worlds Dream were undeniably Beastkin but this sickness affected only those of Silurian descent.

He listened to Le'Sars words but couldn't stop himself interjecting. 'The four that died are not Gods. They feature in the creation myth of this world to its inhabitants but they do not have the power Gods have, that is why the world is failing. 2 key components, the pantheon and the ritual network are needed in unison to secure this world against the Mists.'

Scale listened to Metis words about the herbs and had to stop himself from scowling. He'd spent the last Gods know how many years refining his craft and didn't appreciate being told it was the wrong thing to do. But she was new to this world so Scale stopped his first response and tried one with a little more tact. 'Metis...The herbs are being ground into a paste to make them easier for the sick to take. With heat comes swelling and the changes on the outside could be mirrored internally making it hard for people to chew and swallow.' For the first time Scale looks past Fallon to the table she and Metis had been working at and sees what they were working on. 'The two of you look like you've started working on something. Care to enlighten the rest of us? 5 heads and better than 2 afterall.'

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Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:38 am
by Hamsterbag
"My line of thought is straight forward. To work on gathering samples and creating an entire spectrum of data," Fallon looked to her notes. She picked up the first sheet labelled control, "The control sample. A normal human being who is non-Silurian nor has any ties to the same faith. A human, that all other information can be referenced off and compared to." She placed it down and picked up the second sheet, "There are two parts here. The first is to gather information from the Silurian population. The first sample batch is the non-infected. On the basis they are human they should, hypothetically speaking, have very similar statistics to the control - give or take levels of alcohol present in blood. It will also begin the formatting of a census of the Silurian people. Who is related to who, where do people work, age and so forth. Also check for anomalies. Which leads me onto the second part," Placing down the sheet she exhaled, "The samples and information from the afflicted. Who are they, are they related in some way? Common association. Common symptoms. Tests. Then there is the comparison to the differences between the prior mentioned."

She paused, allowing them to process the information that she just laid before them before continuing, "But why all this? It allows us a base to draw up things from. Correlate and relate. But it also allows us to confirm things. Is it something bloodline related, for example. Or perhaps the more zealous among us are the ones changing, or vice versa. Or is it something much deeper than that. Regardless, it kills or confirms doubt and hunches."

Fallon liked knowing things, there was an odd reassurance of knowing what the full picture looked like before working upon it. To allow themselves to get caught up on the small details would be dangerous for her people. It was then she lifted the vial that contained her blood, "And it allows to test to see if Sil's influence is not only within individuals, but how, what form and if it can be used to rectify the matter. If they're not already..."

The Thegn drifted away with her words, eyes narrowing as she looked back down to the ground floor of the Longhouse. She exhaled, "Say. Hypothetically, someone who had his influence, the correct influence, upon them came in contact with this, learned to control it and then transferred the learning back to the people. Or antidote it. Or... whatever word you wish to use," She looked back then, "That is my current thought process. Of course, we could all be wrong and it could be someone spiking our water supply, or a curse placed upon our people. Regardless, it allows action."

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Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 1:01 pm
by mickeyin
Le'Sar did feel rather deflated. He was pretty useless at times like these, he had no faith to call upon, he was better at blasting things and creating barriers than channelling anything. He just didn't have the ability to detect magic and he was worried about bringing in this blood to a ritual circle. He could go and ask the curcles for guidance but this again would be something out of their knowledge...wait...when did all this start?

"Fallon, when did all of this start? Perhaps it was something the elves brought with them? Perhaps something from their world, an illness. Or maybe I'm just clutching at straws here..."

He was sounding idiotic wasn't he.

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Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:13 pm
by Smileygoth
Metis's eyes narrow, but she simply says, "I have taken blood and scale samples from one of the stricken, and I am putting them in various states to see what I can learn from them."

She points to each vial on the table in turn.

"The scales here are in cold water, burned, ground to powder and sliced in two. The blood, as you can see, has boiled away to ash. I didn't do that, it happened on its own. But no other substances showed up as it boiled away. However, it is darker than usual, which leads me to believe that the illness has wrought a change to the blood, and presumably to the person entire. This last one is Fallen's blood, which as you can see, is neither darker nor boiled away ... good news for Fallon, I'd say."

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Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 6:36 pm
by Vorlaith
"I would guess that others who could transform at will, may have hidden themselves. Many rabid beasts have been put down by my order in the past, perhaps those who could change didn't for fear of persecution."
Vor mentioned as he walked in with the child, and placed him on a near by cot, he continued "I hope that no-one who could change back was mistaken for someone who was lost, so much knowledge was left in the old world" changing the subject "If you need a human, non silurian specimen, I volenteer, unless you expect the taking of my blood to be a fatal experience"

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Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:39 pm
by jwhitehurst7
Eldunarí was growing warm, he had never enjoyed the heat and it was stifling in the confined space upstairs, sweat pouring from his brow as he ground the herbs into a paste. Although he was still muttering his prayer to Elm under his breath, listening to what the group was saying.

When the consistency of herbs was right El took them over towards the group. Catching the back end of what Le'sar was saying.

"I don't think you're right there friend, I was a slave to these people and infectious, weak, sick people do not good slaves make. You could argue neither do dead ones but why feed someone who can't contribute. It's an unfair and harsh way to look at but make no mistake, that is how they see it. I can also confirm this is not the same affliction that Cael has, that is more akin to a plant than a scale. Do what is needed with these herbs, I need to step outside. I am not well suited to a hot climate."

Placing the herbs on the table near the group, Eldunarí walked down the stairs and out of the door, placing himself on a near by bench, enjoying the cool air on his face.

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Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:28 pm
by pat
Dr Ezeakiel walked in the hall, looking at the patients as he walks by with papers in hand, heading straight to the stairs. Reaching the top the saber hanging from his belt could be seen, dust inlaid the bindings of the leather grip.

Seeing Fallon he walks over to her and hands her a peace of paper "Reports are slowly coming in, that should be able to help with the census" putting a few on the edge of the table not to get in the way of Fallons work.