July 2016 - Plot Drop 3

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July 2016 - Plot Drop 3

Post by Esme » Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:14 pm

The circle had been quiet for a couple of days. Various guild members came and went, poking around with dowsing rods and muttering to themselves. It was late one afternoon when Guild Observer Robert found something. The dowsing rod twitched alarmingly and he began to concentrate....
Until he snapped out of his meditation with a start. A very flustered militia officer almost knocked him flying.

"I'm so sorry sir, I ran as fast as I could!"

Robert placed the rod on the floor calmly lest he did something he would regret later.


Officer Vinny shuffled awkwardly and summoned up the courage to look Robert in the eye.

"I dunno how we missed it. Only a mile outta town....but tracks everywhere around it...little feet...goblin? I dunno. But the blood...and the smell..." Vinny turned pale at the memory of what she'd seen earlier.

"What?? What did you see?"

"It was like a little door, Sir, 2 stones pointing up and another across the top. There was blood all over it. And there was these weird mushrooms all round the bottom. Well Sarge torched it 'cos he said that was the best thing to do. And we kicked it over for good measure. But them footprints went right up to that little door and didn't go nowhere after that. Proper spooked we was....."

Robert sighed and picked up the dowsing rod. He had to maintain some vestige of calm although internally he was screaming. They were here....but where had They gone? His mind turned to his missing friends. They had said they were safe and well...but for how long?
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