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Re: The Tavern

Post by YvaFleetfoot » Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:17 pm

Yva enters the tavern for the first time since joining the warriors, *sheesh am I glad to be rid of that sanctimonious elf...... I spose she did kinda help me get to ..... people... not exactly civilisation....* she looks arround noting the bloodstained armour that seems to be the fashion with most of the patrons *oh well at least I can get a drink now*.

She approaches the bar still limping sightly, *those healers are pretty impressive but theres still some tenderness close to the bone*

"Barkeep, a tankard of mead please."

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Re: The Tavern

Post by dantony » Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:04 pm

Thorim walks through the doors of the tavern

"Oh make that two tankerds of meads lad, I`m payin`"

Thorim walks up and sits next to Yva

"What be your name lad, mines Thorim and what the eck is `appenin' out there!
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Re: The Tavern

Post by thewarriorreturns » Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:49 pm

Thunder, lightning, all very very frightening ... is being sung on the small stage in the corner by a skiffle band ... everyone seems to be having a good time, perhaps they are celebrating the end of the recent Lich War.

Many happy faces are seen drinking, merrymaking and all that stuff.

Many faces however are not seen, brothers, daughters, wives, husbands ... you get the idea ... they were struck down, fighting for their lives and the future of the herd-of-lands... (dramatic opaque lighting washes over the scene)

The rather dramatic doors swing open with a sigh (they are dramatic after all) and a tall, handsome (well it is fiction) man walks in - the music stops with a scratch sound effect and everyone stops dancing, drinking and such and turn to look at the stranger.

"Oh my goodness" says one of the many present party-ers "I haven't seen you in years"

The deep voice of the stranger replies "Yes, I am back!"

(A rather epic dramatic pause occurs just like in CSI and the band start up a loud Rolling Stones type number)

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Post by Melody » Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:28 pm

Salem stumbles into the Tavern, a trail of blood and gore in his wake. His eyes shoot to a table of Drunkards harassing the local Thugs, "A fight's brewing..." he thought. As the rabble drew their blades, he sighed and threw his cloak to the ground, bloodied and bruised from his previous "altercation" he leapt into the now explosive situation, splitting many skulls along the way...

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