The Grand Opening of the Juicy Apple

Arrange lifts, confirm times etc before events, and share photos afterwards.

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The Grand Opening of the Juicy Apple

Post by smallbluething » Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:53 pm

IC – A sign is posted on the wall outside the Juicy Apple. It reads:

Friends and Allies

Come one, come all, to the Grand Opening of the Juicy Apple. Eat drink and be merry in our humble tavern. Play games, sing songs, rejoice in the victories and drink a toast our fallen allies

Now that the Winter months are almost over, let us look forward to the coming Spring and Summer.

We welcome one and all.


Similar to the usual Yule Meet, but we didn’t have time to arrange that, so have changed it somewhat.

Feel free to come as your usual character or as an alternate.

Please bring along something edible/drinkable to contribute.

Cost of the hall is £35, so the more people that come, the less we will ask for in donations, i.e. 35 people come, £1 each would be helpful.

Anyone who would like to bring along things to make the place look IC (same hall as last year) that would be awesome! We have a lot of bits ourselves, but every little helps :) Also those who have IC type games, if you would be so kind as to bring them along!

Also, I’m afraid it is a Non-Combat event. No pick-pocket as there is no way of fighting back. (Although a bit of role-play can be fun, as long as it is stopped before it is too heated.)

Facebook Event Page -
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Re: The Grand Opening of the Juicy Apple

Post by CharlieP » Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:40 pm

Dates and times from the facebook page:
Sunday, 3 February 2013
14:00 until 23:30
Saint Alphege Road, Dover, CT16 2PU

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