One Last Task

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One Last Task

Post by David of Shea » Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:59 pm

His voice was raw. His sword was gone. He was bleeding so much he was surprised he still had blood to loose.

He swung the axe he had pulled from one the wyld tainted and put another victim of his failures on the floor. Another sword crashed into his tattered leather armour and into the ruined meat of his shoulder. He dropped to one knee, struggling to breathe, vision swimming.

Yield a silvery voice sung to him. Yield and be free.

He screamed his defiance and surged to his feet, driving his bloodied knuckles into the enemies face until he heard something wetly snap. He staggered to the circle, swinging his axe in wide arcs to keep the mad and those consumed by wyld fire back.

He looked at the portal and smiled grimly. It was closed. He slumped onto one of the menhirs, his blood leaving sticky marks as it seeped into the porous stone.

Yield it sung again A man cannot defeat the Dragon.

His forehead hit the stone as his strength fled. It was right, after all. He could not defeat the dragon. He could not save his city or his people from the fire.

But perhaps he could ride the dragon, for just a moment more of life. And spit once more in fates eye. He had learnt some magics, some ritual skills, in his time as King. He had always hated the stuff, so slippery, so mercurial. Not like the steel of a good blade or the solid wood of a spear haft. It changed when you stopped looking at it. But he knew enough to tap the wyld fire.

He reached into the circle, an entity he had thought of as a friend, an ally, and felt the resentment and anger that simmered and bubbled in the ley lines. The Wyldfire reached into him and dug its icy claws into his soul, and he gritted his teeth against the pain as he staggered away, feeling it start to consume him.

Yes the silvery voice sung. you are free at last!

NEVER he shouted back, clamping down his will and channelling his rage, his will, into one final act of vengeance. The storm clouds above answered as he screamed his last words of defiance to the sky. Lightning slashed down from the heavens and burned the plaza with brilliant white light, and Dilandau collapsed to the ground, finally submitting to deaths embrace.

I will make my own Freedom he laughed at the retreating wyldfire as it fled his shattered body I will be in thehalls of my god at last His eyes closed as his last breath shuddered out of scorched lungs. I will be with those I have lost. That is my freedom. My freedom came from service. I earned it.
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