From the ashes of yesterday

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From the ashes of yesterday

Post by Ginge » Sat Aug 25, 2018 7:07 pm

No traveller could miss New Silura, the fires of Sil constantly burning in beacons at every peak of the island. The Silurian people fiercely proud, every day gain number from those that witnessed their faith.

The grand circle, Forbidden Knowledge has settled into her role as domineering circle of the land, the other circles follow her will completely. They had broken after a year of resistance.

Word had quickly reached her of this grand expedition and the rumoured lost artifact that can help the world in the coming war. She knew she was a target, as her very creation and cementation had broken the deal first struck with the mists. She had been drawing every ounce of power she could from the Afacian circles, after she was bound to their heels by the Mages Guild and Fae. She had had her final warning from Magnus, as he had manifested in her circle with a threat if she should continue to draw power.

She needed more circles to re-enforce herself. It was time to reach out, she needed to know what the artifact is and how it can protect from the mists. Or she needed another circle with her. Surely there must be one at the sea of bones for it to have held against the mists?

She was sat within her circle thinking one starless evening, when the giant silver orb of the moon broke the crest of the trees. That’s it.

She drew its likeness in the center of the circle in oil and lit it. Ritual magic entered the flames and the yellow light now danced silver. All of Sil’s beacons slowly began to change to the silver flame across the island.

All Silurians would feel the urge to look at the moon that evening and the moment their eyes locked on it they would be transfixed, and then they could hear her.

Archix Clawborne, Thegn of the Siluri, and the Siluri that follow

Your hearts are strong and your passion is fierce, I need you now to bolster your home and make it strong in the coming war. Some of our number will be targets from actions past and we cannot fall. I need to know what it is that holds the sea of bones safe from the mists invasion. I need to know its magic so I can look to recreate it.

I also need another place to draw power, connect the circle that this there to me. If there is one.

From the ashes of yesterday

The new world will grow stronger under you..

A feeling of nausea would grip each of the Siluri that knew of the old world. Of the Old Sil, and the power that glowing disk had over the noble family. Any that have been converted to the way of Sil in this world, would have felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement as the home circle reached out.
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