A Field Report on Parasitic Spirits:

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A Field Report on Parasitic Spirits:

Post by David of Shea » Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:37 pm

A Field Report on Parasitic Spirits:

Having travelled deeper into the uncharted regions than ever before, we found a isolated settlement separated from broader reality. It was sustained by a 'circle' which was inhabited by a 'spirit' and which demanded sacrifice, a sacrifice once a year to be precise. By great fortune (or perhaps great misfortune, depending on your perspective) we arrived as the sacrifice festival was being prepared for. I was fortunate enough to meet the prospective sacrifice before she gave her life, and spent much time asking questions of the locals. In cooperation with RED, and several other mages, we quickly determined that something was 'off'. I have detailed the symptoms below:

*Villagers had limited knowledge outside of specialist roles, and often returned to those roles (physically or conversationally) when challenged on details about their settlement
*Villagers made social attempts to get people to stay and settle.
*The settlements perimeter was strictly delineated with 'faerie lights' and anyone straying outside the perimeter was attacked by 'monsters'
*The spirit was free-roaming out of the circle, evasive, and held social power rather than mystical power. She was respected as an elder.
*The circle was not properly formed, and was detached from the wider network.

With strict taboo culture in place to prevent disagreement, the settlement was ultra-stable, which served the 'circle spirits' purposes nicely. If the yearly sacrifice was offered up, the lights stayed on, the perimeter was held and everyone else got to live. The perfect protection racket.

When the ritual sacrifice was interrupted (quite rightly, but not at my suggestion, as I had limited myself to cultural observation), the spirit flew into a rage and fled, injured. This began to break the spell on the settlement. Monster attacks ceased immediately and memories of prior sacrifice rituals began to emerge in the villagers. I did assist in helping a young woman, called Eve, claim the unformed locus of power and shape it into a ritual circle, again with able assistance of RED.

Eventually, the 'Circle Spirit', which we hypothesised to be an unseelie fae due to the presence of a damaged fae artifact near the ritual circle (a broken, empty frame that we believe once held a painting), returned and was defeated for good by the locals, who rose up against it. Perhaps, the best possible outcome for all involved.

However, it seems likely other parasitic spirits may exist in similar environments. Caution is advised as while weak compared to a true ritual circle, they are mighty in their domain and have terrain advantage, as well as duped loyal followers. Defeating such a spirit will require careful application of ritual magic and the quick foundation of a true ritual circle to contest and restrict the unseelie faes power. Be prepared not just for a mystical challenge, but a physical fight, as its herd will rally to its defence before you can effectively break its glamour.

Regrettably, I did not get much of a chance to examine the defeated creatures body. However, I have been told that cold iron was tested and found to efficacious, which, combined with its behaviour after being revealed and its predatory behaviour prior, lead me to believe it was indeed an Unseelie Fae. My thanks to Theodore Brainweight for that information.

I of course welcome any letters from other members of faculty who have encountered such a creature themselves, or a similar situation.

- Professor Ult Ramarine.
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