Chapter One: The first move.

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Chapter One: The first move.

Post by Ginge » Sat May 25, 2019 5:37 pm

The Free People have cast their votes, those who cared at least. The Outrunner gave a little sigh as she waits outside the war room. Whatever outcome is decided, someone will be upset.

There is a barked order from the other side of the door before it clangs open. The Outsider scrambles to her feet from the floor, dusting her coat off. Without a word, a scroll case is handed to her by the Old man.

She takes it from his outstretched hand, and the man turns without speaking to her and the door closes behind him.

Curious, she pops open the cap and turns the scroll case, tilting it up to unveil the news.

"The Free People will go to Siluria. However, we will agree that the forces that wished to be deployed to City of Scholars will be sent to hold off the forces of the Mists from advancing.

Once Siluria has been secured the Free People will have to go straight to the City of Scholars to relieve their troops. We are concerned for the losses that will be seen in sending these troops to distract the City. We remain hopeful that the free people can secure Siluria swiftly."

The Outrunner sighs, this was a longer message to be copied 100 times. She walks herself to the pigeon coupe to send the missives to the free peoples.
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